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Why did I create

Years ago, I got fed up living paycheck to paycheck, being underemployed, and unfulfilled with my job at the time…

I set out to travel abroad and earn all of my income online. I took my background in small business and marketing and learned to write compelling content for clients worldwide. 

Now, after five years of successfully living a location-independent lifestyle and working remotely, I’m putting all of my knowledge into this website to help others learn…

  • How to become a well-paid freelancer
  • How to get a great remote job
  • How to start a successful online business

But I want to stress something… 

Creating life-changing income through freelancing, remote work, or an online business is not just about the money.

It’s about the freedom and fulfillment that come when we pursue our passions and goals. That’s the real story here!

Please join me on this journey!

-Elijah C.