Why You Should Join A Group To Get Your Business Or Project Off The Ground

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We’ve all probably done this at some point. You hear about a business or money-making strategy and you decide to give it a shot. So, you spend the next few days super excited about the idea, then get to work brainstorming how you can make the idea a reality.

Then, after a few days (or weeks), the original excitement that you felt starts to massively drop off.


For multiple reasons. But one of them is that you are going it alone.

Think about this: if you wanted to become good at baseball, would you just practice alone?

Or, would you join a group, aka a team, and practice together?

This analogy is a bit of a stretch but the point I’m trying to make is that working alone sucks! It’s hard and it’s equally hard to stay motivated.

When you try and do something alone you are taking all of the challenges and struggles of the work and lifting them onto your shoulders.

You’re using all of your brainpower to figure everything out every time. Sure, maybe you look up how to do things online, which helps a lot. But, day in and day out you are your own manager, subordinate, investor, and sole worker (assuming you’re not outsourcing any of the work yet).

What’s the better way?

Join a group of like-minded individuals

There is truly power in numbers.

Join a team of people working to solve the same or similar set of problems on a daily basis.

I’m talking about joining a group of like-minded people such as you might find in a paid course, or forum.

Facebook groups can be good, but they can also suck for what I like to call, The Facebook Suck Factor. I’m talking about small-minded people with nothing better to do than log in to Facebook and be negative. You might think of them as the crabs that always try and pull you back down to their level.

Once you find a positive group to join, make the most of it

Get active and involved. Make it as helpful of a community as possible.

Help lift yourself, and everyone else up at the same time.

Not only will you learn amazing solutions to your most difficult problems. But you’ll benefit from daily inspiration and encouragement.

These are the two huge benefits that joining a group will provide.

1: Answer your questions.

2: Give you the mental and emotional support needed to carry on through the long haul.

Let’s face it, building a business, blog, YouTube channel, or anything of value really is hard. And long after the initial excitement wears off, you’ll have to keep at it diligently if you want it to really succeed.

Do yourself a favor.

Join a group of like-minded people and make the work and the journey that much more doable.

Where to find a business or interest group?

Start searching across the internet for other people with your same interest. Find Facebook groups, Subreddits, etc. These will likely be some of the low-hanging fruit – the quick-to-find groups.

Then search for thought-leaders in your space.

Look for those who already have success in the niche or area, and find out if they have a community. Many successful people also share their information directly.

Have they written a book, or created a blog or social media channel on the topic? If so, follow them and learn.

If they’ve created a paid course, consider buying it.

Not only will you benefit from the content, but you’ll also often be invited to join a private group for paid students.

These private groups can be some of the very best sources of information around! Because the other members have already literally paid money to learn. So, at least a good chunk of them will be actively working on creating whatever it is in their lives.

Join and learn from them!

Help each other succeed.

It’s a cliche, but we truly are stronger together!

Now, get out there and take action.

I wish you the best on whatever it is you’re setting out to create!


Elijah Etc.

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