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Originally posted Dec 8, 2017 – Updated Feb 24, 2022

I wanted to write a quick little post today because I am feeling really motivated about a topic right now, and that is how to learn anything from anywhere! Learn business from the comfort of your home. Learn Spanish while sitting on your hotel bed. Learn… well, anything from anywhere…

Alright, what is he talking about?

I’m simply talking about the power of books, yes, books!

I recently noticed that I was feeling kind of stuck, bored, bogged down… I was missing something in my daily fulfillment equation, and for me, that was learning. For some reason, I had taken a break from studying or learning anything new and it was really starting to affect me.

What did I do? Well, it was kind of an accident but I stumbled on a link for Kindle Unlimited and decided, “you know what? what the heck, let’s try it.” And, I’m honestly really glad I did!

Here’s why:

There are somewhere around a million and a half ebooks that you can read for free on the platform and so I was able to immediately download and start reading several books at once on building a blog, cryptocurrency investing, learning Spanish, and a bunch of other things my curious mind stumbled upon.

The point I’d like to make is, for me, I just feel better when I’m mentally stimulated. That, and books can obviously be highly entertaining as well. Now, of course, the internet is chock-full of stuff to learn as well. But, there’s something satisfying about reading a good old darn book!

So, my thought for the day is, go find a new book or two. If you live near a library, go get some books! If you like to read on a device, go find an ebook.

Because I recently signed up for Kindle Unlimited and genuinely think it’s pretty awesome for how cheap it is (like $10 a month,) I’m including a link to that right here. But, obviously, paper books rawk, and library books are awesomely free! Try Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days.

(Please note that I’m an Amazon Affiliate and so if you sign up for a free trial or make a purchase I get a very small benefit. This doesn’t cost you a dime extra but helps this site out in a small but much-appreciated way!)

But Wait, There’s More:

Another resource I’d recommend is the free online Cloud Reader service connected to many local/municipal libraries in the U.S. at least. That is, Cloud Reader. You can go to their site and sign up with your library info. Then access their online ebooks and borrow away! They don’t have a super amazing selection, but it’s free 🙂

Please let me know in a comment if you like Kindle Unlimited, or what your thoughts are on it. I think I had tried it in the past but now I’m on my first month signed up again. So far I like it.


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