The Journey Of 1,000 Miles Begins With One Step

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(Originally posted Dec 5, 2017)


Thanks for stopping by for my first blog post! I’m super excited and a bit nervous about setting out on this endeavor to try and create a real-life, worthwhile blog about my journey of starting to work online and become location independent

I hope you find some value in my planned postings about: 

  • Working online
  • Starting an online business
  • Overcoming uncertainty, doubt, and fear
  • Experiencing the joy and freedom that comes from grabbing life by the horns and holding on for the ride of your life
  • Travel insights, tips, funny stories, mishaps, and other real-life stuff…

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The Journey of 1,000 Miles…

Right now, I have a flood of ideas and stories, posts, and inspiring or informative article ideas to share here I am working on setting up a system to organize stuff and hopefully stay on track with posting them.

But, today, it starts with this first step. I’m breaking the seal, as they say!

I have so much I want to get to, and I will very soon, but for now, I want to say thanks and please wish me luck that I don’t burn out super fast or end up on the great internet waste-heap of boring and shitty blogs!

Please let me know in a comment or message if you have any ideas for me or post requests.

Thanks, I’ll see you soon!

-Elijah Cuenca, Ecuador 

Dec 5, 2017

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